Mediation is an effective way that can help parties to a civil lawsuit reach an agreement through the use of a neutral person – a mediator – trained in problem solving instead of going to trial. A civil lawsuit is generally a case where the parties are suing for money, such as a personal injury, products liability and professional malpractice.

In traditional mediation the mediator does not make a decision, a court reporter is not present, and there are no rules of evidence which control the process, with the exception of a rule concerning confidentiality.

Mediation is confidential. Everything which is discussed during the mediation, and any documents prepared especially for the mediation cannot be used by any party outside of the mediation process, or in any portion of the litigation or trial. The purpose of confidentiality is to provide a setting in which the parties and attorneys can discuss the facts and issues openly, without fear that what has been said may be used against them outside of the mediation. The ability to speak openly leads to solutions and settlement. Brent Gill has been trained as a mediator and is often chosen by attorneys to help mediate their civil lawsuits to a successful conclusion.